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3 Perks of Condo Insurance

Unlike a homeowner, folks that live in condos don’t own the building itself or the land that it is on. Instead, the homeowner or condo association will be insured through a master policy that protects the building itself, the common areas, and property for damages that occur in those areas. With that said, it is likely that your homeowner or condo association will not pay for damage to the interior of your unit to include storm damage, stolen property, or injuries to guests that may be visiting. There is good news – condo owners don’t have to be on the hook for these expensive damages and instead can have peace of mind through the purchase of condo insurance or HO-6 policy. If you are in the Muskegon, MI area, give Janis-Shunta Insurance a call and we’ll help answer any of your condo insurance-related questions.

Covers Damage not Insured by the HOA

Condo insurance will protect you from having to shell out cash for things like damage to the interior of your unit that is not the walls, floor, and ceiling. Additionally, coverage typically includes stolen property like furniture and electronics plus payment towards medical bills if a guest is hurt while at your home.

Affordable Cost

Although cost can vary widely depending on where you reside, for instance, New York City is likely to be more expensive than Muskegon, MI – condo insurance is a relatively nominal sum when you think of how much it can cost to replace stolen furniture or damages to a unit. At Janis-Shunta Insurance, we will work with you to find a plan that fits in any budget.

Loss of Use Coverage

If you are displaced from your home due to damage, condo insurance can help cover the cost of temporary living spaces while you find a new home or wait for your unit to be repaired.

Ways to Prevent an Accidental Fire in Your Condo

Owning a condo in Norton Shores or Muskegon, MI is something that several of our clients at Janis-Shunta Insurance enjoy for its lifestyle and condo community. Unfortunately, one accidental fire in a condo can destroy the property of several families, leaving them displaced and with expensive repairs. Below are three ways to prevent an accidental fire in your condo. 

Give the Space Heaters some space

If you want your condo to be extra cozy in the winter months with space heaters, make sure that you have these heaters away from any blankets or materials that could easily get too warm from the heater and start a fire. They need several feet of clearance around them so they can operate properly. Also, make sure that you turn these heaters off when you leave the condo. 

Blow out your candles

While candles are nice to have around when you are home and in your living space, they are not safe enough to leave alone through the night when you are sleeping or when you leave the condo unattended. Candles have been responsible for house and condo fires across the nation and should be watched with a careful eye. 

Is your wiring up-to-date?

This is especially true in older condos that may not have an upgraded wiring system. You should check your cords and outlets once a week to see if there are any signs of fraying or long-term burning on cords or outlets in your condo. These are premature signs of a burnout happening in your electrical unit, and could easily cause a fire in the near future. 

Get protection with condo insurance

If you are a condo owner living in or around Muskegon, MI without condo insurance, you need to give Janis-Shunta Insurance a call today for condo insurance options available. 

What Kind of Insurance Covers My Off Road Vehicles?

You take you dune buggy out on back trails of Muskegon, MI, and suddenly slide straight into an embankment. Although only your pride is injured, your bike needs new fiberglass fenders. This is covered in your recreational vehicle insurance, and your agent at Janis-Shunta Insurance can tell you how to file a claim.

Recreation Insurance Coverage

Recreational insurance includes collision coverage to help you repair damage to your vehicle — even if you hit the side of a mountain. It covers skid plates, helmets, and other accessories.

Recreational insurance applies to off-road vehicles, including:

  • Dirt bikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf carts
  • ATVs
  • Dune buggies

Understanding Your Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance has many of the same coverage types as your car insurance, such as collision, liability, medical, and uninsured motorists.

Collision coverage pays for repairs on your vehicle, as discussed. If you cause an accident, liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury sustained due to the accident.

Comprehensive coverage can pay for covered perils such as vandalism, theft, fire, hail, or animals. For example, if you’re snowmobile is stolen from your shed, comprehensive coverage pays to replace it if it’s not recovered.

If you’re riding your ATV, a large rock or roots can throw you off, leaving you with a dislocated shoulder or worse. Your recreational insurance covers the medical bills if you’re hurt in a covered accident. An uninsured driver hits your golf cart, but don’t panic. Your recreational insurance includes uninsured motorist coverage and pays for your damages or injuries.

Contact Us

Contact Janis-Shunta Insurance with any questions you may have on recreational insurance. We want you to spend your time enjoying the trails and tracks in Muskegon, MI, not worrying about your coverage.

Worried about your insurance policy limits? Take a look at umbrella insurance

Most insurance policies have limits to the amount of coverage that they provide and when those limits are reached, it typically falls to the policyholder to take responsibility for any overage. If you are seeking a way to minimize maxing out your insurance, it’s time to take a look at an umbrella policy. The team at Janis-Shunta Insurance is here to advise the greater Muskegon, MI community about their umbrella insurance options. 

Umbrella insurance is an effective tool to protect from personal liability

The liability limits of your primary insurance policy may not always be adequate to provide the protection that you need. In order to protect yourself from personal liability, you may want to consider an umbrella policy. There are many advantages to such a policy, with the increased policy limits being the main one. If your business is in a litigious industry, or your home and belongings require additional coverage for adequate protection, an umbrella policy can fulfill this need.

An umbrella policy provides coverage that is over your primary policy and serves as a stop-gap when your primary limits are met or exceeded. If you are concerned that your main policy is insufficient, now is a good time to discuss your umbrella policy options with your local insurance agent. Don’t wait until a catastrophic event occurs to find out that you are under-insured. With an appropriate umbrella policy, you can shield yourself and your family from personal responsibility in the event that your primary insurance policy limits are reached.

Are you in the greater Muskegon, MI area and want to find out if you can benefit from an umbrella policy? Contact the team at Janis-Shunta Insurance today and set up a consultation to find out more.

Questions to Help You Determine Your Condo Insurance Limits

Your condo insurance ensures that you have enough money to repair or replace your habitat and belongings in a covered event. However, finding the right amount of coverage can be tricky. Use these tips from Janis-Shunta Insurance to ensure your condo insurance limits are high enough to fully protect your Muskegon, MI property.

What Does the Master Policy Cover?

The master policy is the insurance coverage carried by your property management company. This policy generally covers common areas like parking lots and courtyards, the outside portions of your building, and other common property resources like utility connections. Talk to your property manager to find out what parts of your property your private policy needs to protect.

What Would It Cost to Repair Your Dwelling?

In a catastrophic situation, you could find yourself needing to rebuild your entire dwelling. Your policy needs to include enough coverage to ensure you won’t be left coming out-of-pocket for your rebuilding expenses. Speak to your insurance agent to help you understand how much you might need to rebuild or replace your entire dwelling.

Do You Have High-Value Belongings?

Your collection of mint condition magazines, playing cards, or other special items might not meet the limits of your condo policy. If you regularly store jewelry, tools, or other expensive items on your property, you’ll need more protection to ensure you can recoup your costs after an accident. Look into increasing coverage or adding extra layers of protection to your policy for your special things.

These questions will help you understand what kind of coverage you need for your Muskegon, MI condo. Do you still have questions? Contact the experts at Janis-Shunta Insurance for personal guidance on your condo coverage.

What is recreational insurance?

There are toys reserved for kids, and then there are toys that adults love. You can consider watercraft and motor homes as toys that adults enjoy since these vessels are not necessary for life but still pleasurable to the individual who has the pleasure of owning one of these products. You definitely do not want to have an RV or watercraft in Muskegon MI without a good insurance plan that protects against losses due to damage. What does a recreation assurance policy entail, though? Also, who can help you get the right plan?

The agents at Janis-Shunta Insurance can explain all that you need to know about recreational insurance. Read on to learn more about the field before giving them a call!

What is recreational insurance?

Recreational insurance is best understood when viewed from the perspective of auto insurance. Like an auto indemnity plan, the person with recreational insurance purchases a policy that covers everything from collisions to damage caused by natural means. The recreational assurance holder has the right to file a claim when tragedy strikes and may receive compensation up to his policy limits.

Contrary to car insurance, recreational indemnity plans cover more than accidents and thefts. You can purchase a recreational assurance plan that pays when your appliances are damaged in your RV. Likewise, there also make be coverage for off-road vehicles such as ATVs and golf carts.

How much does it cost?

It is difficult to establish a price tag for recreational insurance in Muskegon, MI because the nature of the field is so varied. It is best to contact an agent at Janis-Shunta Insurance who can explain the details of a typical plan and help you tailor the policy that suits your lifestyle.

You should not wait for the unexpected to happen before seeking out a recreational insurance place. Call Janis-Shunta today to get started with a quote!

Basics of umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance policies are, as the name implies, an umbrella to protect you when your world is falling apart. All insurance coverages have limits to the liability coverage they offer. An umbrella policy will cover you for any amount beyond that when you are at fault, or ruled responsible, for something bad that happens.  Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI can help you decide if an umbrella policy is right for you.  

Most accidents do not cause catastrophic damage and liability coverage is often enough. Umbrella policies are rarely used and not very expensive for that reason. It is nice to have the peace of mind to know you are covered if the worst happens.

If you own a home, a car, or have good savings account with investments, you have a lot to lose.  It is possible to get into a car accident and have damages of $500,000 or more. It is possible to get sued by someone who gets hurt on your property and be ordered to pay millions in court. If you have a standard policy with a $300,000 liability limit, you will be responsible for paying everything beyond that amount. You could lose your house, your savings, basically everything.

An umbrella policy protects you there and can protect you for things like slander and plagiarism violations.  This is useful for people with life savings and about to retire, or for people with a lot of property to protect. It is also useful for people who have a moderate amount of property and want the peace of mind of knowing they are protected.

Stop by or call Janis-Shunta Insurance today in Muskegon, MI to learn more about umbrella insurance coverage. You must have insurance with us, or a policy on your home and car in order to get this extra coverage.

What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Condo

If you own a condo, you should not assume that the condo company has insurance covered. Insurance for condos is very different than it is for say homeowners or even apartment dwellers. It is very important to do your research so that you can make sure you are fully covered in the event of a loss. 

Janis-Shunta Insurance wants you to ask, What’s The Difference?

Whereas homeowners insurance covers the exterior and the interior of a home, plus the possessions inside, the condo insurance which is held by the condo management team, only covers the exterior of the property and possibly common areas. This means that insuring the interior of your condo is your responsibility. 

What Kind of Coverage Do I Need?

In order to figure out what kind of condo insurance you should purchase, you need to check with your HOA and review the type of insurance they have first. This is your starting point. The HOA will have one of two types of policies. They will either have an "all in" policy or a "bare walls" policy." The "all in" policy covers the exterior of the building, main common areas, plus things that were built into your condo interiors such as cabinets, wiring, and plumbing. A "bare walls" policy" however requires the condo owner to be responsible and insure everything else inside the condo except the walls, ceiling, and floor. Once you have determined what is and is not already covered, then you will be able to make a wise and well-informed decision about your coverage. 

The best way to purchase condo insurance is through an insurance agent. Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI will be happy to discuss your condo insurance needs. You can call our friendly staff to today or drop into our Muskegon, MI office to learn more. 

Is Recreational Insurance the Same as Auto Insurance?

Insuring your recreational vehicle is always a good idea, mainly if you often ride and if it gets a fair amount of use. For those in the Norton Shores and Muskegon, MI area, the agents with Janis-Shunta Insurance can help you find the perfect policy for your recreational vehicle.

Understanding Recreational Insurance

When it comes to recreational insurance, it is a separate type of insurance all its own. The only items that can be insured on a recreational policy are those that are not used for everyday use and those items that are not being driven on the road for regular transportation. This means things like boats, all-terrain vehicles, and even four-wheelers. You cannot insure a daily driver car on a recreational insurance policy.

When it comes to auto insurance, you cannot always insure a recreational vehicle on this type of policy. You can however in some cases add this type of vehicle in some capacity to your auto policy. It is always best to take the time to talk with an agent and to get a specific policy that covers your recreational vehicle on its own rather than trying to find a way to add it to another policy that you already have in place.

You can get a recreational policy for your recreational vehicles that will help cover the cost of repair, replacement, and damages if you are in an accident. It may also help cover the medical expenses of the person riding with you if you are in an accident as well. For those in the Norton Shores or Muskegon, MI area, the agents with Janis-Shunta Insurance can help you find a policy that is going to work for you and that is going to cover your recreational vehicles and yourself in the event of an accident.  

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work in Michigan?

General liability protection is typically a part of your auto and home insurance policies, but if you have considerable assets or you feel at risk, additional coverage in the form of an umbrella policy is important. This type of coverage supplements your general liability insurance in other policies after those payout thresholds are met. Getting an umbrella policy is typically an easy process.

You’ll want to meet with a Janis-Shunta Insurance representative in Muskegon, MI, to get an idea of what your auto and home policies look like. Adjusting those policies may be the first step in optimizing your insurance coverage. Reviewing your coverage thresholds and specific risks applicable to you is critical to get an umbrella policy that meets your needs. It’s sometimes hard to judge whether you’re underinsured without professional insight.   

It’s important to remember that personal and commercial umbrella policies in Michigan and other states do not cover the same things. If you want general liability insurance for your business and its assets, you’ll have to work with a Janis-Shunta Insurance representative to get a policy that meets your needs. Personal umbrella policies may cover you and your spouse, but it is essential to clarify this detail as your policy is written. Working with a professional is key for navigating the insurance market in Michigan and getting the protection you need to safeguard your financial nest egg.

Umbrella insurance is a practical method to protect your personal assets if you’re faced with litigation and financial liability. To learn more about coverage options and thresholds, please contact Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI. Insurance representatives are ready to help get the right policy for you.