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Umbrella Insurance Policy – A Must-Have for Both Small and Large Business Owners

If you are a business owner, you must be familiar with the risks and uncertainties of running a business. It’s vital to get total insurance coverage for your business, and an umbrella insurance policy helps cover any gaps left in basic liability insurance policies. If you are looking for extra coverage for your commercial business, Janis-Shunta Insurance can help. We are a full-service insurance provider serving the residents of Muskegon, MI.

Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary For Businesses?

Umbrella insurance policies step in to complement other policies where coverage limits are exhausted. Commercial umbrella insurance covers similar costs like liability insurance for businesses, including attorney fees, medical expenses, and damages from lawsuits. Unanticipated things happen all the time, and it may not be possible to estimate how much coverage you need for these uncertainties. Umbrella insurance offers small and large businesses an extra layer of financial security on depleted coverage.

Small Businesses And Umbrella Insurance

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking only large businesses need additional coverage when basic policy coverage is depleted. Businesses of any size are prone to risks, and without extra capital on hand in emergencies, even small businesses could use the help. It is a better option for raising limits on existing insurance policies as you can expand the coverage across many policies and under one umbrella.

The Costs For Umbrella Insurance For Small And Large Businesses

The cost of an insurance policy for commercial purposes depends on the nature of the business, your claims history, and the limits bought. As such, large businesses with greater risks pay more for an umbrella than small businesses with low risks. The policy is inexpensive, especially for small businesses, and a worthy investment for large business owners.

Umbrella insurance acts as a surplus coverage for small and large businesses, and it comes into effect when basic liability policies can’t cover an outstanding financial liability. If you want to keep your business protected with umbrella insurance, let Janis-Shunta Insurance help. Contact us for your business’ umbrella insurance plan in Muskegon, MI.

Recreation Insurance Explained

Recreation Insurance Explained

Any outdoor recreation company in the Muskegon, MI area needs recreation insurance, a type of general liability insurance that protects businesses when individuals incur bodily injury or property damage from their operations, equipment, or products. Janis-Shunta Insurance wants you to understand how this necessary insurance covers your business from loss.

The term outdoor recreation company applies to any company operating leisure, sports, recreation, or outdoor business. That means everything from canoe and kayak rentals to a rock climbing wall needs this type of insurance. Outdoor tour guides of any type and rope courses fall into this category, too.

How Does Recreation Insurance Fit Many Businesses?

Rather than a one-size-fits-all policy, we tailor these policies to fit your business’s needs. This customization lets us serve each unique sport or recreational activity without requiring any coverage the business would not need.

When an accident happens, your company becomes legally liable for the injuries caused during participation in your business activities. This includes indemnification, punitive damage, and legal fee costs. To properly protect your business, your recreational insurance policy can include the following types of coverage:

  • Accident Medical,
  • General Liability,
  • Inland Marine,
  • Inland Marine,
  • Professional Liability,
  • Property Insurance,
  • Umbrella Coverage.

Insurance That Grows with Your Company

Since a recreational policy gets customized, you can easily scale its coverage. Let’s say that your business starts out renting canoes and kayaks, but you decide to expand it to also rent bicycles and tandem bikes. You would need to add to your policy and that is easy to do since you can simply call us to add new coverage. The same is true of scaling the opposite way. You might only rent jet skis, for example, during summer. You can drop that coverage when you don’t need it.

Call Janis-Shunta Insurance today to learn how recreation insurance can protect your Muskegon, MI business.