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Smart Tips for Increasing the Value of Your MI Condo

By making key upgrades to your Muskegon, MI condo, you can increase its value, especially if your upgrades help improve your condo’s appearance, function, and safety. Before renovating your condo, talk to your Janis-Shunta Insurance agent to see how remodeling will affect your condo coverage. The following upgrades will give your condo a fresh new look and add greater value.

Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen will definitely add value to your condo, especially if you use high-end materials. Granite counters, designer cabinets, and contemporary lighting will create a whole new look for your kitchen while boosting your condo’s value.

Upgrade Major Appliances

For function and appearance, consider upgrading your condo’s major appliances. Modern, energy-efficient appliances will enhance the function of your kitchen while adding value to your condo. Old, worn appliances are not only unsightly, but they may also pose a fire risk to your environment. In contrast, matching, modern appliances will improve safety, simplify meal prep, and increase the value of your Muskegon MI condo.  

Increase Storage Capacity

Storage space is often sorely lacking in a condo. By adding storage space to your condo, you can increase your unit’s value. Expand closets, add new closets where needed, or look for ways to convert nooks into storage areas. Storage is a valuable commodity in any home, but even more so in a compact condo.

Upgrade Flooring

Never underestimate the importance of flooring in adding value to your condo. Old carpeting or outdated flooring can detract from the beauty of your abode. Upgrading to hardwood flooring or planks can make a big difference in your ambiance and raise the value of your home.

Don’t forget to add renovations to your condo insurance, so they’ll be covered along with the rest of your abode. To update your condo policy, contact Janis-Shunta Insurance.