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Recreational Insurance Protects Your Family

When it comes to outdoor fun and recreation, fewer places in the country have more to offer when it comes to adventures in nature than we do here in the Wolverine State.  For that reason, you should consider the advantages of getting recreational insurance from a reputable agent you can trust before you put the finishing touches on loading the family RV.  Serving the greater Muskegon, MI with pride and distinction from three locations, Janis-Shunta Insurance has answers for your recreational insurance needs.  

How Recreational Insurance can Protect you in Muskegon, MI

What is recreational insurance?  Unlike many who may believe that such coverage is designed to protect their RV vehicle, the reality is different.  Specifically, recreational insurance in the greater Muskegon, MI area is designed to protect the bevy of toys we bring into the wild, whether that be ATVs, campers, boats, jet skis, and more.

Recreational insurance policies will often be attached to either a homeowner or auto policy, and our trained representatives will be more than happy to sit down to discuss each option, its ramifications for your overall insurance picture, and the best way to ensure that you have interlocking coverage regardless of any given situation.

In short, if you have questions, we have answers, and our friendly team of Janis-Shunta Insurance agents are looking forward to the opportunity to gain your trust and business here in Muskegon, MI.

Serving the Greater Muskegon Area with Pride

Our team of brokers and agents here at Janis-Shunta Insurance has an array of details, policies, and information to help craft an insurance policy that protects you without coverage gaps that can get the expert advice you need to make an informed decision regarding your insurance needs.

Umbrella Insurance for Busy Sporting Complexes

Many Muskegon, MI sports complexes have found themselves suffering from unnecessary and unfair lawsuits and felt unsure of where to get help when they impacted them. Thankfully, we at Janis-Shunta Insurance can help you find an umbrella insurance policy that may help you. These policies are an excellent option for those businesses that may be the most impacted by unnecessary lawsuits.

Ways Umbrella Policies Help

Umbrella insurance policies are a type of extended liability policy that helps pay for issues triggered at a business. They come into play when your regular liability policy has been paid, and you still have money owed to a plaintiff. At a sports complex, where injuries and other problems are common, a good umbrella insurance policy will:

  • Protect against excessive liability claims 
  • Cover problems caused by sports complex issues
  • Provides long-term coverage for sports centers
  • Manages serious problems triggered by unsafe athletes

As a result, athletic compounds need to consider adding umbrella insurance policies to their coverage level seriously. Doing so will help them to avoid long-term complications and keep them from getting into serious financial troubles. Make sure to do a little careful research before you buy a policy, as well, to ensure that you find the best option for your needs.

Things to Look For in a Policy

When seeking out an umbrella insurance policy for a sport’s facility, it is crucial to look for a variety of different elements, including:

  • Coverage for serious injuries
  • Liability help competing athletes
  • Protection against unlawful lawsuits
  • Diverse and precise coverage option
  • Capable and robust policy types

All of these simple concepts help Muskegon, MI sports complexes avoid severe long-term consequences. So if you need an umbrella policy and aren’t sure where to turn, please contact us at Janis-Shunta Insurance to get the help that you need to avoid serious lawsuits.

Do You Have Sufficient Auto Insurance Coverage?

As a resident of Muskegon, MI, you already know that have auto insurance coverage is very important. However, reports by Janis-Shunta Insurance show that most of the auto owners in this region do not know whether they have sufficient auto insurance coverage. So, what makes your auto insurance complete, and where can you get such policies?

Should Cover State Requirements

As a Michigander, you should make sure that your auto insurance policy covers all the state requirements so that you can avoid the unnecessary pull-over by the state patrols. There are very many individuals who have auto insurance policies that only cover the basics, but they do not meet the state requirements, which, in this case, they are not sufficient.

Should Meet Lender Requirements

If your car has been financed by a lending institution, you should have auto insurance that meets their requirements. Lenders are very sensitive when it comes to the insurance policy that you will be using. Most of lenders will always insist on comprehensive insurance cover because they own a stake in the car. They want the asset to be replaced in case of severe damages, and this can only be done through comprehensive policies. 

Should Meet Your Driving Needs

As a new driver, your insurance policy should have a provision for an amateur so that you can be exempt from some of the tough penalties that you might experience during the claim process. If you do not often drive, your insurance provider should offer some discounts on the premiums you’ll be paying every month. 

Getting a sufficient auto insurance cover in Muskegon, MI, is not easy. Most auto insurance companies will always look for an opportunity to get the better of you. However, Janis-Shunta Insurance has been focusing on ensuring that customers get sufficient coverage so that they can drive with confidence. 

Why should I get condo insurance in Michigan?

If you live in the Muskegon, MI area and are looking for a new home, getting a condo is a good option. Those that own condos will enjoy the homeownership benefits without having the same maintenance obligations. If you do buy a condo in this area of Michigan, getting insurance is important. You need to get a condo insurance plan for a few reasons. 

Insurance is an Association Requirement

A reason that a lot of people will need to get a condo insurance plan when they are in Michigan is that it is a requirement that is set by the condo association. Most condo owners will be part of a home association that will have a variety of rules. One rule that needs to be followed is the requirement to carry condo insurance. In many cases, you will need to provide evidence of coverage at all times.

Insurance Protects Assets

Getting a condo is also a good idea as it will give protection for your investment and assets. Buying a condo is a major investment that you will want to have paid off in the future. Due to this, you should protect the investment as well as you can. A great way that you can do this is with a full condo insurance plan as you can get protection for the condo and your personal belongings.

If you are in the Muskegon, MI area, owning a condo can be a good option. When you are going to purchase a condo, getting the proper insurance is very important. Once you are ready to start looking for insurance, it would be a good idea to work with Janis-Shunta Insurance. The insurance professionals at Janis-Shunta Insurance understand the value that this coverage provides and they can help you build a quality policy. 

How can I pick a home insurance policy?

The Muskegon, MI area can be a great place for someone to invest in their home. Property owners here will benefit from price appreciation and will enjoy having a consistent place to call their home. When you are going to purchase real estate in this area, you need to get proper home insurance for it. There are several tips that should be followed that can help you pick a quality home insurance policy. 

Consider Requirements

One tip that you need to follow when you are looking for a new policy in this area of Michigan is to consider your needs. Anyone that is in this area of the state will need to consider requirements that are set by their mortgage lender and home association, if applicable. When you get the insurance that meets your requirements, it will keep you in good standing with all of your requirements. 

Consider Unique Needs

Another factor to consider when you are shopping for property insurance is to consider your specific needs. The home insurance needs are not always the same for all people. Due to this, you should spend time considering your individual risks and how you can cover them with insurance. One form of coverage you may need can include additional protection for your personal assets, which can be obtained through a policy rider. 

There continue to be many advantages that come with getting home insurance in the Muskegon, MI area. When you want to get a new policy here, it would be a good idea for you to call Janis-Shunta Insurance. The team with Janis-Shunta Insurance understands the complexities that come with picking a new policy. The team here can then help you choose a policy that will continue to provide the right coverage for your situation. 

Is Condo Insurance the Same as Homeowners Insurance?

Condos remain a popular housing choice in Muskegon, MI for many reasons. For example, they allow homeownership and customization while still having convenient surrounding property and common areas cared for by another entity. Like all home investments, it’s important to protect your condo by getting a good insurance policy. But here’s where many people get confused because condo insurance policies are actually separate types of policies than homeowners insurance. Our team at Janis-Shunta Insurance examines the difference. 

What is Condo Insurance (and Condo Association Insurance)?

Condo insurance covers your individual unit. While personal property and dwelling coverage are often aspects, it’s worth noting that one of the most important aspects of condo insurance is often liability coverage. This prevents you from having to pay all costs out of pocket for incidents that happen on your property. 

Now, condo association insurance is often a separate form of coverage that is built into your condo/community fees. This coverage will generally take care of any damages to the exteriors or anything considered community space. If you are not aware of this form of insurance is in place within the condo community, it’s important to ask.  

Why Condo Insurance is Not the Same as a Homeowners Policy

A homeowners policy is generally more extensive than condo insurance. Homeowner’s policies usually cover the property as a whole, both inside and outside. This is the kind of insurance needed for homes that are not attached to any other homes. As a condo owner, however, you’ll need to primarily worry about only your individual unit and everything inside it. Since you most likely share walls with neighbors, that’s where condo association insurance comes in as over-arching community coverage. 

Don’t Wait to Find Coverage

You’ll be expected to carry condo insurance coverage in just about any Muskegon, MI condo dwelling community. If you don’t have it and an incident takes place on your property, you could wind up facing hefty out-of-pocket costs or even find yourself facing fines from the condo association. Contact the experts at Janis-Shunta Insurance to learn about your condo insurance options today!

Do I need auto insurance when my car loan is paid off

It’s a great feeling when you make your last car payment. Lenders require that the vehicle they give a loan on be fully insured. Now that you are free of the loan, it may seem like a great idea to be free of your car insurance payment as well. Talking to a trusted independent insurance agent is the way to get the insurance information you need. At Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI insuring what is important to you is important to us.  

In the state of Michigan, you are required to have insurance coverage. It is against the law to drive your vehicle without no-fault insurance or to let someone else drive your vehicle. You must have basic coverage to register a vehicle. If you are caught without insurance you can be fined up to $500 or put into jail for up to a year. Since Michigan is a no-fault state you must have mandatory no-fault insurance which comes in three parts. PIP (Personal Injury Protection) this protects you in the event you are injured in an auto accident. PPI (Property Protection Insurance) pays for damage your vehicle does to someone else’s property ( a parked car or a home) and Residual Liability Insurance 20/4010 which is $20,000 accident injury per each person in an accident and $40,000total for each accident and $10,000 in property damage to the other driver’s vehicle. 

This is what you have to have but maybe not what you need or want to have. Collision and comprehensive auto insurance protect your vehicle and if you have assets you may want to add additional liability coverage. 

In Muskegon, MI, and the surrounding area at Janis-Shunta Insurance, we can offer outstanding service at an affordable price. We have 13 plus carriers we write for and that gives you access to a policy that is perfect for you. We are here to help, call our office or stop by for a no-obligation quote. 

Why should I get recreational insurance?

In the Muskegon, MI area, owning a recreational toy can be a great idea. With a recreational toy, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors of Michigan, which can provide you with a lot of fun and recreational options all year long. While a recreational vehicle is something that will provide you with a lot of fun, it is also a big responsibility that you need to properly care for. One way to do this is by getting insurance for it. There are several reasons why you should get recreational insurance.

Insurance Gives Liability Protection

One of the important reasons to get insurance for your recreational asset is that it will come with liability coverage. There is always going to be a risk that you could cause an accident and damage when using your recreational asset. If this does occur, you will want to ensure that you have the ability to pay for damages. With insurance, you will get the coverage that you need to pay for the damages.

Insurance Protects Assets

You should also get this insurance to ensure that your asset is protected. If your recreational toy is damaged or stolen, paying to repair or replace it could be very expensive. However, if you do get a proper insurance policy in place, you can receive the coverage that you need to replace it. 

It is always a good idea to get recreational insurance for your asset. When you are looking for a new asset, you should call the team at Janis-Shunta Insurance. If you do call Janis-Shunta Insurance, you can learn more about how this insurance can protect you. The team can then help anyone in Muskegon, MI get into a new policy that will provide valuable coverage. 

Who needs to carry umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is one of the most misunderstood types of insurance. Many people are not quite sure exactly what it is and who needs to carry it. The name umbrella gives an accurate visual of what the insurance does. It offers liability protection the same way that a physical umbrella protects against the elements. An important aspect of umbrella insurance is that it is not a policy that you can purchase unless you already have a primary policy that offers liability coverage. At Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI, we have the experience to help you to understand what an umbrella policy can do for you. 

So who needs to carry umbrella insurance? Anyone who has any assets can benefit from umbrella insurance. What it is in simple terms is excess liability insurance. If you are involved in legal action, someone suing you, it adds a layer of coverage to what you already have through your primary policy. What happens is your home or auto policy will pay any judgment and legal expenses up to the limit on that policy and then the umbrella policy will kick in.

You have worked very hard to accumulate the assets that you have. If you get sued for an amount beyond the limits of your primary policy and you don’t have an umbrella policy to protect you, you are responsible for the additional amount of the judgment out of your own pockets. Depending on how deep your pockets are, you could be forced to sell your assets and your future wages could even be garnished. Not something most people want to think about. An umbrella policy adds between one and five million dollars to your liability coverage. 

An umbrella policy is an affordable way to protect your assets. Call Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI to get a no-obligation quote. We can give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Three things to do before you select an auto insurance policy

Any Michigan driver needs to find adequate auto insurance coverage to drive legally in Muskegon, MI. At Janis-Shunta Insurance, we can help you to take all the key considerations into account before you purchase an auto insurance policy.

The following are three things to do before you select an auto insurance policy.

Determine what your coverage needs are

There are various types of auto insurance coverage available to you. It’s important to be aware of your options and to determine which types of coverage you should invest in.

You must purchase liability coverage in Michigan. However, you also probably want to purchase collision coverage. Collision coverage will cover the costs of damages to your own vehicle in an accident.

You also might want to purchase comprehensive coverage. This will cover you for additional expenses such as damages resulting from theft.

Get different quotes

Various auto insurance providers will give you quotes on their policies on request. These quotes tell you how much they will charge you for the coverage you request. It’s a good idea to get numerous quotes. You can then evaluate the different options. 

Select the best option for your needs and budget

Once you have quotes on the policies you’re interested in, it’s important to evaluate them carefully. You don’t just want to go with the least expensive quote you’re offered.

Think about the value that each insurance company you get a quote from provides you with. Some auto insurance policies come along with perks like roadside assistance and rental vehicle coverage that you should be aware of. 

Before you select a particular quote to follow through with, make sure you understand what you’re getting and you’ve carefully evaluated your options. 

Are you on the market for auto insurance in Muskegon, MI? We can help at Janis-Shunta Insurance. Visit our website to learn more about our insurance offerings.