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Why Customizing Your Car Means You Should Update Your Auto Coverage

Buying auto insurance in Muskegon, MI is as simple as phoning the office at Janis-Shunta Insurance or visiting our website, but what you do with your automobile after buying insurance might change your coverage. Many vehicle owners customize their rides with various options, such as upgraded engines, spoilers, and custom wheels. These increases the vehicle’s value, which triggers a need for an insurance update.

Insurance Updates After Customization

When auto owners customize their vehicle after purchase, they alter it from its insured state. Therefore, they need to update their coverage to reflect the increase in value that the customization causes.

Many upgrades increase a vehicle’s value, and most auto insurance policies cap claims at the current fair market value of the vehicle. The insurer consults a tome like the Kelley Blue Book to find the fair market value of the precise make, model, and year vehicle you own. They won’t be covered unless you update your policy to list your specific upgrades.

Options for Fully Covering Your Vehicle’s Value

You’ve got two options to handle this update. The simpler of the two adds the customizations to the fair market value using scheduled items add-ons. Like a policy rider, when you schedule an item on an insurance policy, you fully cover it specifically. You can also fully cover your auto by switching to a policy that uses agreed-upon or stated value.

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