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Ways to Prevent an Accidental Fire in Your Condo

Owning a condo in Norton Shores or Muskegon, MI is something that several of our clients at Janis-Shunta Insurance enjoy for its lifestyle and condo community. Unfortunately, one accidental fire in a condo can destroy the property of several families, leaving them displaced and with expensive repairs. Below are three ways to prevent an accidental fire in your condo. 

Give the Space Heaters some space

If you want your condo to be extra cozy in the winter months with space heaters, make sure that you have these heaters away from any blankets or materials that could easily get too warm from the heater and start a fire. They need several feet of clearance around them so they can operate properly. Also, make sure that you turn these heaters off when you leave the condo. 

Blow out your candles

While candles are nice to have around when you are home and in your living space, they are not safe enough to leave alone through the night when you are sleeping or when you leave the condo unattended. Candles have been responsible for house and condo fires across the nation and should be watched with a careful eye. 

Is your wiring up-to-date?

This is especially true in older condos that may not have an upgraded wiring system. You should check your cords and outlets once a week to see if there are any signs of fraying or long-term burning on cords or outlets in your condo. These are premature signs of a burnout happening in your electrical unit, and could easily cause a fire in the near future. 

Get protection with condo insurance

If you are a condo owner living in or around Muskegon, MI without condo insurance, you need to give Janis-Shunta Insurance a call today for condo insurance options available.