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Does Condo Insurance Protect Against Storm Damage?

Whether you own or rent, a condo combines some of the best aspects of a large space for yourself and living in a more central location, like downtown Muskegon, MI. While owners and renters have different types of insurance policies, Janis-Shunta Insurance has general answers that will help both.

What Type of Damage Did the Storm Cause?

This question is the first step to determining if your insurance policy will cover the damage.

If a storm brings heavy rains that flood the area, then neither condo nor renters insurance will cover the damage. Flood insurance is a special type of insurance that is managed on a larger scale since floods can be devastating to a wide area. Both owners and renters can purchase flood insurance to cover that risk. A mudslide caused by water-logged ground falls under another type of insurance for earth movement, so typical condo or renters insurance won’t cover it.

Otherwise, water damage from the storm may or may not be covered. With specific examples and an existing insurance policy, we at Janis-Shunta Insurance can work towards finding a clearer answer for you.

Fires sparked by a thunderstorm are likely to be covered by an insurance policy, but circumstances may change the outcome. Two of the more common exceptions to fire damage coverage are arson and acts of war, and a thunderstorm is neither. The details of your policy and other factors will also weigh on the claim decision.

For colder storms, hail damage coverage can be part of a standard insurance package, but that changes depending on the area and the individual provider’s plan structures. Muskegon, MI is no stranger to hail, so that might influence whether it’s included. Other ice and snow damage will usually be covered as long as you take reasonable steps to prevent damage.