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RV Insurance in Michigan

Owning a recreational vehicle is a luxury in Michigan. You can use it when visiting spectacular places around the state, for camping, or even to visit some relatives in another state. This reiterates that the value of an RV should never be underestimated. To continue enjoying your travels, we strongly recommend you get RV insurance. At Janis-Shunta insurance in Fruitport and Muskegon, MI, we value your vacation vehicle and are here to provide the financial protection you need should an incident occur.

There are numerous places to visit in Michigan. The state boasts having some of the most highly rated resorts and camping sites in the United States. During your stay, you can have a good time at Lakeshore Park, the White River, and Hill & Hollow among many others. Whether you RV is parked or on the road, it is essential to secure and insure it.

Collision Coverage

In case of an accident, do not accept liability. Our collision coverage protects you from financial costs associated with repairs and sometimes replacement of your recreational vehicle.

Comprehensive Cover

When you leave your RV parked, it is susceptible to risks of theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and harsh weather conditions. Our comprehensive coverage protects you from such perils.

Liability Insurance

Having liability insurance in Michigan is mandatory. This is vital when you cause damage and injury to other people or their property. This does not protect your vehicle from costs related to the accident if you are at fault.

Underinsured or Uninsured Policy

Sometimes other drivers cause accidents. You will never know with certainty whether they are fully insured, underinsured, or uninsured. Our underinsured and uninsured policy safeguards you from such financial losses. We will cover the costs of damages that relate to you and your passengers.

Janis-Shunta Insurance ensures your RV is well covered. We provide cutting-edge insurance solutions that meet your expectations and legal requirements in the state of Michigan. If you are in the Muskegon, MI area, please visit our offices or call us to get a quote on your RV.