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Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan

What is a motorcycle insurance?

It is an insurance coverage that offers financial protection to a motorcyclist in the event of a motorcycle theft, loss, damage, or accident. The motorcycle insurance covers all motorcycle types from street bikes, three wheels, and even mopeds.

If you own a motorcycle or are planning to own one soon, you may have queries regarding the right insurance coverage that will suit your bike. At Janis-Shunta Insurance, we offer reliable motorcycle insurance to Michigan residents. We have offices in Fruitport and Muskegon, MI, and we assist our customers by taking them through the options to help them decide which policies best suit their finances and needs. We offer the following coverage with our motorcycle insurance policies:

Property damage and bodily injury liability coverage- It incorporates the cost of legal and liability fees in the event of an accident. In case of an accident, call us immediately.

  • Collision coverage- This policy option covers the costs that occur on your motorcycle when an accident should happen. This is the same as collision coverage for an automobile with slight tweaks.
  • Comprehensive coverage- This policy pays for damage or loss caused by other conditions apart from collisions. The causes could be theft, adverse weather conditions, or an animal attack
  • Uninsured motorist coverage- It covers motorcyclists who have no insurance once an accident occurs.

There are also some significant facts to remember about motorcycle insurance policies. For example, the cost of your motorcycle insurance depends on the motorcycle you ride.

Janis-Shunta Insurance, located in Fruitport and Muskegon, MI, puts all the above factors into consideration when coming up with motorcycle insurance covers. Feel free to contact our Michigan offices for any inquiries and to get a quote. Our agents are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the insurance process. We are looking forward to having you on board.