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Umbrella Insurance in Michigan

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Umbrella Insurance policies were introduced to the marketplace in 1949. However, it took until the 1960's for the concept of umbrella insurance to hit its stride. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to other active insurance policies a consumer may carry simultaneously.

Umbrella insurance kicks-in when other insurance policies have reached their maximum payout limits. For those in the Muskegon, MI area that are new to the concept of umbrella insurance, contact the licensed professionals of Janis-Shunta Insurance to determine which umbrella policy best fits your situation.

Umbrella insurance is a product that adds additional liability coverage to life's unknown events. Would your current coverage pay in the event that...?

  • Your large dog bites a child in your Michigan neighborhood?
  • Your oil storage tank contaminates your Michigan neighborhood's soil?

Generally speaking, a traditional home insurance policy (and auto policy) would not pay for these events. But, an umbrella insurance policy might meet these potential liabilities, at very little cost.

The Basics of Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance policies are typically written to begin when a claim exceeds one's homeowner's and automobile insurance limits – generally at amounts above $1 million. Those who opt for umbrella insurance coverage, typically, do so preemptively to reduce the discomfort of an unpredictable financial future.

For those who are price-sensitive, umbrella insurance is the instrument to use for those who want additional protection and coverage, with reasonably low costs. The point of an umbrella policy is to have a safeguard in case a major accident or incident takes place. Being safe than sorry is important. For instance:

  • Auto insurance policies have a predetermined maximum payout for weather causes and accidents.
  • Homeowner's insurance policies also have predetermined maximum payouts that apply in these instances.

The Take-Away

Umbrella insurance is a wise choice and a great way to protect one's self from unexpected future legal hassles. The insurance professionals at Janis-Shunta Insurance are ready to assist the residents of Fruitport and Muskegon, MI. Contact them today. Reach out to our agents with your questions and to get a quote.