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Can an Umbrella Policy Help Pay Medical Expenses for an Auto Accident?

Being injured in a car accident in Muskegon, MI can be an overwhelming experience. From trying to focus on your recovery to communicating with insurance agencies, even a minor injury can be stressful. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether or not your insurance is going to help cover any medical expenses. Let’s take a look at how insurance works and what types of policies from Janis-Shunta Insurance can generally be used to pay for medical expenses incurred from being in a car accident. 

Personal Liability 

Personal liability coverage on a vehicle can be used to cover medical expenses. Your policy, however, has a limit on it. If your expenses exceed your limit, then you will have to dip into your pockets to cover the debt. Many drivers choose to get the minimum amount of personal liability coverage required by their state. Even though doing so is enough to keep them legally on the road, it is often a good idea to increase the coverage. For example, if your current personal liability coverage has a limit of $30,000 and your medical expenses exceed this amount, then you will, of course, wish that you had purchased extra coverage. 

Umbrella Insurance

You also have the option to invest in an umbrella insurance policy. This type of insurance can be used if your existing auto policy is exhausted, such as your medical bills exceeding their limits. It is important to understand that umbrella insurance cannot be used without an existing auto policy. It simply acts as a supplement, not an actual insurance policy. 

Underinsured Motorist

There may be some instances in which underinsured motorist coverage can be tapped into to pay for medical expenses. This is usually allowed if your injuries exceed the limit of the payout given to you by the at-fault driver. 

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