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When Should I Review My Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance, also known as HO-6 insurance, while not legally required, is often required by the HOA and mortgage provider. It’s worth periodically reviewing your coverage to make sure you are adequately protected. 

Review When:

  • Moving in is a good time to take a home inventory and assess your coverage needs. 
  • After a major remodel, you may wish to review your coverages. 
  • Expensive purchases may need protection beyond usual limits.
  • Before you travel or relocate for a while, consider a vacant or unoccupied policy.


What’s Included?

There are four basic types of coverage included in condo insurance:

  1. Liability and medical payments: If an injury happens to a visitor in your unit, this coverage can pay medical bills and cover legal expenses if you are sued. It can sometimes cover animal bites or damage you accidentally cause to another’s property. 
  2. Personal property: There are two primary types. Actual cash value pays current value even if it’s less than the original purchase price; this is the more affordable option. There is also replacement cost, which pays out based on the current average cost to replace. 
  3. Loss of use: If displaced for repairs during a covered claim, this can pay for a hotel, meals, and laundry for the duration. 
  4. Dwelling/Building property: This varies depending on what your HOA carries with the condo’s master policy. Through your HOA, you may have coverage as follows:
    1. All-in/all-inclusive covers all items built into your unit, including upgrades. You would not necessarily need to pick up additional coverage to protect your appliances and fixtures.
    2. Single entity covers only fixtures original to your condo; your upgrades would not be covered. 
    3. Bare walls include only the walls, floors, and ceiling.  
  5. Optional coverage: This can include flood, vacant or unoccupied coverage, identity theft coverage, and water backup coverage. 

When you are ready to ensure your Muskegon, MI condo is adequately protected, call or stop by Janis-Shunta Insurance today. We can help you find the best policy to fit your needs.