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These Hazardous Actions Cause the Majority of Michigan Car Accidents

Understanding the leading causes of car accidents in Michigan can help you prevent being involved in a tragic mishap yourself, bringing harm to yourself or someone else. The hazardous actions caused the most accidents, injuries, property damage, and fatalities in Michigan in 2020.

Unable to Stop 

Drivers who were unable to stop were involved in 45,227 crashes in 2020, causing property damage in 36,195 of them, injuries in 8,987 of them, and fatality in 45 of them. Driving cautiously, keeping a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you, and avoiding the roads when bad weather can help prevent catastrophes like these.

Failed to Yield

Drivers who failed to yield caused 34,404 accidents in the state in 2020. Of those, the vast majority resulted in property damage, but over 9,000 resulted in injury, and over 100 resulted in death. A minor infraction, like failing to yield, can have serious consequences. Staying focused on the road can help prevent disaster.


As expected, speeding was a contributing factor in 22,391 motor vehicle accidents in 2020 in Michigan, causing fatalities in 190 of them. Of the remaining crashes, somebody was injured in 5,469 of them. Obeying posted speed limits helps prevent collisions – and helps avoid the severity of injury when collisions occur. 

Careless Driving

Another common contributor was careless driving, cited in 10,386 Michigan automobile accidents in 2020 alone. Of those 90 fatalities and 3,148 injuries occurred. Eliminating distractions can help prevent these tragic occurrences. 

Improper Lane Use

Improper lane use contributed to another 10,054 accidents, 17 fatalities, and 1,209 injuries in Michigan in 2020, changing or taking people’s lives. Property damage occurred in the remaining 8,828 accidents where improper lane use was the primary contributing factor. 

Careful driving is key to a safe experience on the road for all of us, but when you have an accident, having a trustworthy insurance carrier is important. To talk insurance, visit us at Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI today!