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Do Landlords Need Home Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance policies are typically geared toward homeowners who want to protect their own residences. But what if you’re a landlord who wants to protect the property you own but don’t necessarily live in? Do you still need home insurance?

The short answer is "yes." However, the policies you will be looking at will be most often referred to as "landlord insurance" rather than a typical homeowner’s policy. Likewise, your policy will be focused more on covering the building itself, the surrounding property and any structures (sheds, garages, etc.) that may be on it. 

What Landlords in Michigan Need to Know

As of 2018, the state of Michigan now requires both landlords and their tenants (renters) to have insurance. This is because neither should rely entirely on the other party’s insurance policy. While your landlord insurance will cover the general property itself and help protect you from losses and liability claims, your tenants’ renters insurance policy will help protect their personal possessions and help protect them from their own liability situations. 

Naturally, there is no "one size fits all" insurance policy for landlords. The amount of insurance coverage you need as a landlord will depend on the type of property itself, particularly when it comes to size and the amount of units/tenants within. Be sure to ask our insurance experts at Janis-Shunta Insurance in Muskegon, MI about all your specific concerns and coverage needs. 

What if I Want to Start Renting Out My Home to Tenants?

If you want to start renting out your personal residence to tenants, you will still need to get a landlord insurance policy. After all, your insurance will cover you in a wide variety of liability situations that may only affect landlords, such as wrongful eviction cases or property damage that may affect tenants. 

Have questions or simply want to learn more about your landlord insurance coverage options in the Norton Shores or Muskegon, MI area? Contact us today at Janis-Shunta Insurance! We’re ready to help you find a policy that suits your needs.